Memories of a Metis Settlement

  • Pages:102
  • Publisher:Theytus Books
  • Themes:Métis, history, Indigenous,
  • Available:06/01/2018
  • Age Groups:Adult Nonfiction
An endearing historical text that brings you to the center of the East Prairie Metis community. Experiences shared by the firsthand accounts of Elders and settlers are supplemented with personal photographs and family recipes creating a deep connection to both the text and the community. Recipes such as Theresa Auger's "Bachelor Bannock" allow the reader to interact with a text on an extra-textual level as more intimate details of the community are brought out of the text and into the reader's kitchen.

Important events such as the construction of the first school in East Prairie in 1945 are honored memories illustrating the community's close kinship ties and their determination to survive despite the numerous obstacles they faced. These past experiences are connected to more recent events such as the construction of a youth cabin in 2001 highlighting the ways through which courage, resiliency and a hardworking nature are embedded in the DNA of the community.