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Fiction Picture Book
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Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 18/Sep/2018
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"This is intro to hockey, and it's time to begin!"

Lucy and her family are skating on an outdoor rink when she sees a game of hockey going on. It looks like fun, but maybe too challenging. Supported by her parents, Lucy enrolls in an introductory hockey clinic, and thanks to an encouraging instructor, she and her friends learn basic hockey skills, have fun on the ice and decide to add hockey to their list of favorite sports!

The Lucy Tries Sports series encourages children to get active and participate in sports and recreation. To find out what Lucy will try next, visit www.lucytriessports.com.

Hayley Wickenheiser, six-time Olympian
"Hockey is a game for everyone. If you love the game you will love this book. Lucy and her friends show us that kids can do anything they put their minds to!"
Mark Giordano, captain of the Calgary Flames
"The game of hockey has so much to offer in terms of teaching life skills and building character. Lucy proves that as long as you work at it, your passion and love for the game is what matters."
David Marcoux, BPE, MSc, former NHL goalie coach (Calgary Flames, Carolina Hurricanes), David Marcoux's School of Goaltending
"I had the privilege of overseeing the early development of four-time Olympic gold medalist Charline Labonté. I saw firsthand how Charline used her favorite sport, hockey, to have fun and flourish. Lucy Tries Hockey captures the essence of what makes hockey a sport for life."
Martin Gelinas, coach and former NHL player
"Lucy likes challenges! She loves learning new things and tries her best. As a coach, I love Lucy's attitude and think that it will have a positive impact on young readers."
Danielle Goyette, Honored Member Hockey Hall of Fame, 2 x Olympic Champion, 7 x World Champion
"I'm so happy Lucy has the opportunity to practice the sport she loves, it's not only for boys anymore but for any kids who are willing to learn new skills and challenge themselves. Sport is the best school of life, you learn what it takes to get better, to work together to achieve a common goal AND you make friends for life!"
Amie's Book Review Blog
"This adorable picture book is perfect…With its message of participation in physical activity, this book also encourages kids to try new things…The bright colors and clean lines of the illustrations enhance the story…I rate Lucy Tries Hockey as 5 out of 5 stars."
Kirkus Reviews
"Bowes makes no bones about it: She wants all kids to get involved with sports. And as less and less emphasis is being placed on sports and free recess in schools, the book is timely. Hearne brings a friendly, undemanding cartoon aesthetic."
Dave King, Member of the Order of Canada, Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame and IIHF Hall of Fame inductee
"The Lucy Tries Sports series is terrific for children! It inspires them to be physically active and reinforces so many aspects of their social skill development. A really positive assistance to parenting children."
Allison Sandmeyer-Graves, CEO at CAAWS (Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity)
"Playing sports and being active empowers girls for life. Lucy Tries Sports encourages girls to try a wide range of sports and teaches them valuable lessons in leadership, supporting one another, and working towards—and achieving—your goals through sport!"
"This upbeat sports story is pleasing in many ways…The latest volume in the Lucy Tries Sports series scores when it comes to encouraging girls in athletics."
CM: Canadian Review of Materials
"Written with an energetic rhyming scheme and includes fast sport facts at the end of the book for readers curious to know more. The lively, colourful illustrations by James Hearne once again capture the movement and fun Lucy and her friends have on the ice, and, of course, Lucy continues to be a character with a zest for discovery and a love of being active."
Eric Smith, television and Sportsnet Radio play-by-play voice of the Toronto Raptors
"Fitness should be fun, and the Lucy Tries Sports series is a shining example of that."