Love and Fear

  • Pages:168
  • Publisher:Orca Book Publishers
  • Themes:mystery, kidnapping, private investigator, male sleuth, little people, New York City, NYPD, the mob, corruption, mafia
  • Pub Date:02/09/2016
  • Age Groups:Adult Fiction
  • Lexile:HL540L
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When the daughter of the most powerful Mafia don in New York goes missing, the don’s right-hand man comes to Gulliver Dowd for help. Problem is, the right-hand man and Dowd despise each other. Plus, the don knows who murdered Dowd’s sister, Keisha, but refuses to share that knowledge with Gulliver. Still, Dowd makes a devil’s deal and hunts for the girl. Old secrets and lies boil to the surface, threatening to destroy the lives of everyone involved. But who has the girl? An eccentric art professor, or one of the don’s many enemies? Will Gulliver find her, or will their fates dissolve in a corrosive stew of love and fear?
"A fast-paced mystery that will appeal to readers of this genre. Coleman’s quick and witty prose will make readers gobble this book up. Moreover, readers will also enjoy the trajectory of Gulliver’s character development...If readers weren’t in love with Gulliver Dowd already, this book will make them true fans. Overall, I recommend this book to mystery fans the world over."
– CM Magazine
“A quick hard-boiled mystery where the underdogs are the heroes.”
– VOYA Magazine