Little Squirrel

  • Pages:14
  • Publisher:Orca Book Publishers
  • Themes:natural world, animals, squirrel, my first library, recycled paper
  • Pub Date:09/22/2020
  • Age Groups:Baby Board Book
Board Book
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Little Squirrel lives with his family high up in the old oak tree. His favorite thing to do is chase his friends from branch to branch. But it can’t always be playtime! Little Squirrel also has to help his family get ready for the winter.

Printed in Germany on 100% recycled paper using eco-friendly inks, each title in the All Natural series features a young critter out and about in the natural world. Little readers will appreciate the simplicity of the story and the eye-catching illustrations. Perfect for bedtime reading and encouraging conversations about your bookworms’ own little world.
“It certainly is visually entertaining for a young reader, and, likely, it can inspire collaborative dialogue between caregiver and child.”
– CM: Canadian Review of Materials
“Using a palette of slightly exaggerated colors from the natural world, Teckentrup makes her gentle story pop.”
– Shelf Awareness
“Quick, simple reads that are also adorable.”
– Baby Librarians