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Dirk Daring, Secret Agent (Book 2)
Fiction Ages 9-12
Pages: 0
Themes: Dirk Daring, secret agent, spy, detective, espionage, mission, undercover, middle school, humor, caper, mystery, gang, extortion
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 09/Feb/2016
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Darren Dirkowitz thought his life was over when his tippity-top-secret alter ego, Dirk Daring, Secret Agent, was outed to the entire Preston Middle School student body. If only he’d been so lucky. Now the Wolf Lords—a gang of teen thugs bent on wringing every last penny out of Preston students—are breathing down his neck. There’s only one solution: Dirk Daring must embark on his most daring mission yet. A mission so audacious, so cunning, so doggone crazy, that if it succeeds, the Wolf Lords will wind up begging for mercy. But first, Darren must bring his own disobedient “associates” to heel.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie is the sequel to the runaway bestseller Dirk Daring, Secret Agent.

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