Kuekuatsheu Creates the World / Kuekuatsheu Ka Tutak Assinu

  • Illustrated By: Elizabeth Jancewicz
    Translated by: Anne Nuna
  • Pages:36
  • Publisher:Running the Goat
  • Themes:creation legends, animal tales, Innu stories, self-sacrifice, turtle
  • Available:10/15/2024

The story of how the world came to be on the turtle’s back can be found in Indigenous cultures throughout North America/Turtle Island. It has many variations. This moving version of the tale—a story of resilience, sacrifice, and friendship—is one that Annie Picard was often told as a child by her maternal grandmother while they lived in nutshimit (on the land) in the Labrador/Quebec peninsula. Picard’s lovely re-telling of this traditional Innu story of how little muskrat makes an enormous sacrifice to help the wolverine and his other friends rebuild the world after a great flood is brought vividly to life by Elizabeth Jancewicz’s stunning illustrations. This book, a co-publication with Mamu Tshishkutamashutau Innu Education, features a Labrador dialect of Innu-aimun, spoken predominantly in the Sheshatshiu area.