Kah-Lan the Adventurous Sea Otter

  • Illustrated By: Sheena Lott
  • Pages:64
  • Publisher:Sono Nis Press
  • Themes:sea otters, ocean, Pacific Northwest, coast, marine mammals
  • Available:08/01/2016
  • Age Groups:Fiction Ages 6-8
Young sea otter Kah-Lan is hungry. He is sure there are big crabs near the point, but his mother won't let him out of her sight. One day he sees his chance. Soon he and his friend Yamka are swimming around the point—right into danger! Will they ever make it back home?

The heroic travels of two dynamic and realistic sea otter characters are a wonderful introduction to sea otters and the human activities that threaten them. Warm and appealing illustrations by Sheena Lott and a triumphant ending will inspire readers to learn more about these remarkable animals.