Just to Be With You

  • Illustrated By: Meg Glover
  • Pages:32
  • Publisher:Pownal Street Press
  • Themes:Children's Books on Family Life, Children's Books on Valentine's Day, Children's Books on Animals & Pets, Children's Books on Growing Up & the Facts of Life, Children's Books on Friendship, Social Skills & School Life
  • Available:10/29/2024

Just to Be With You is all about the lengths we go to in order to show our love for someone. To prove her love and make her way back to her family, the narrator goes on an expedition around the world, trekking through shark-infested waters and treacherous mountain winds, and doing the scariest thing of all—singing solo on a stage in a room packed with people!

Along the way, she collects companions from each adventure who take her to the next big challenge. Written as a love letter to family and friends, Just to Be With You is a testament to all of the daring things we do for love.