• Pages:28
  • Publisher:Second Story Press
  • Themes:self doubt, body positivity, childhood happiness, body acceptance
  • Available:10/07/2013
  • Age Groups:Fiction Picture Book
A joyfully engaging tale of self-acceptance, this picture book introduces us to girls of all different shapes and sizes and the self-doubt they experience. As they pick at their perceived “flaws”, we recognize in them what we see in our world every day. Even the youngest of girls can be critical of her appearance, seeming to pick up on these cues as soon as she leaves the cradle. But not Ink-blot. Ink-blot may be the “messiest”, loosest-drawn girl in the story, but she has no doubts about herself. Maria Eugenia has captured her glee and freedom as she rides her bike across the pages, plays with her dog, and reads a book. She is not spending her time picking apart her appearance, she is too busy doing the things she enjoys. Ultimately, Ink-blot’s self-acceptance encourages all girls to love and embrace themselves — just the way they are.
Every single Canadian little girl should have this picture book read to them. Every teenager and adult woman should read it too. Read this book. Then put it into the hands of every little girl you can find.
– Helen's Picks
Ink-blot, written and illustrated by Maria Eugenia, is an invaluable picture book that can be used as a platform to discuss and promote body acceptance and self-acceptance.
– ETFO Voice
I think this book would be interesting to share with a Sparks or Brownie group or during a health class.
– Resource Links