In Fragile Moments / The Last Time

  • Pages:176
  • Publisher:The Azrieli Foundation
  • Series: The Azrieli Series of Holocaust Survivor Memoirs
  • Themes:Jewish, hiding, Nazi, WWII, concentration
  • Available:05/30/2016
  • Age Groups:Adult Nonfiction
"Without each other, neither one of us would have survived."

Born two hundred kilometres away from each other and two years apart, Zsuzsanna Fischer and Eva Steinberger are both thrown into chaos when Germany occupies Hungary and destroys their peaceful childhoods. In the spring of 1944, as Zsuzsanna and Eva are sent into ghettos and then to Auschwitz, they each take refuge in the one constant in their lives—their older sisters. A glimpse into the fierceness of a sister’s love, In Fragile Moments and The Last Time mirror the remarkable differences of similar paths of survival.