Gluskonba and the Maple Trees


In early times, the Creator gave humans the gift of maple syrup. They could eat as much as they liked by simply breaking off a twig. Gluskonba, who had been given the power to change things, decided to visit the humans. When he arrived, he saw the humans abusing the Creator’s gift and not taking care of each other or their village.

He decides to remind humans of what is important. They are instructed to return to and repair their village and go back to their normal life. But now to enjoy maple syrup meant days of intense work gathering sap and boiling each batch. The villagers come to realize that Gluskonba had given them a gift even sweeter than maple syrup—the reward of community and people coming together for a common goal.

Presenting two separate tales, one in English and one in Abenaki, clearly illustrates the differences in communication styles between the two languages. The Abenaki-based version is especially valuable for anyone who is actively involved in language reclamation efforts. Both versions are faithful to the heart and the message of the story.