Five Minutes More

  • Pages:224
  • Publisher:Orca Book Publishers
  • Themes:grief, family, family issues, coping, death of a family member
  • Pub Date:04/01/2009
  • Age Groups:Fiction Ages 12+
  • Lexile:HL570L
  • ATOS:3.6
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D'Arcy's dad is dead.

She desperately wants it to have been an accident, but she is not sure. And when she learns the truth, things become even more difficult. Why would her father choose suicide? Why didn't she see the signs? Her father had always helped her get through everything in her life—five minutes at a time. Can she do it alone? And then she meets Seth. When will things get back to normal? Learning to live without her father while her mother struggles with her own pain, D'Arcy finds an inner strength she wasn't aware of. She also finds that almost anything is tolerable for five minutes more.

"A novel that resonates with complex and realistic characters who exhibit a wide range of emotions...Authentic characters, real passions surrounding both death and life and an interesting plot which revolves around the difficult yet not uncommon issue of suicide: young adult fiction doesn't get much better than this. Highly Recommended."
– CM Magazine
"[A] heart-breaking book...but sometimes sadness is necessary in life... it's a process we all go through and it yearns to be written about...The emotional aspect of this was perfect."
– A Patchwork of Books blog
"[D'Arcy's] discovery of herself as a daughter, friend and person ensues throughout the novel as D'Arcy overcomes numerous obstacles in a journey to find inner strength."
– Resource Links
"Ryan presents teenagers living with devastatingly emotional situations...Well written."
"A very realistic, engaging story. D'Arcy's emotions come flowing through the pages to the reader...The story would offer hope and help to anyone who has lost someone to death - not just suicide. I highly recommend it for the high school library."
– Southwestern Ohio Young Adult Materials Review Group
"Ryan treats this sensitive topic with care and understanding…Readers will readily identify with D'Arcy's emotional turmoil…The imaginative experience of the novel will help them appreciate the meaning of suicide and the ways one can cope with it."
– Canadian Teacher Magazine
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Ann Connor Brimer Award nominee   | 2010  |  Short-listed
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