First Times

  • Read by: Heather Gould
    Illustrated By: Lori Joy Smith
  • Pages:32
  • Publisher:Orca Book Publishers
  • Themes:experience, early experience, picture book about first experiences, childhood experiences, childhood
  • Available:10/31/2017
  • Age Groups:Fiction Picture Book
  • Lexile:440L
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Experience the adorable first adventures of childhood with this picture book from bestselling author Charles Ghigna and celebrated illustrator Lori Joy Smith.

From the first slip down a slide to the first time picking out a book to read, this rollicking narrative takes readers on a journey of discovery into the memorable firsts in a child's world. A story that will be enjoyed by the whole family, from the youngest, eager to experience their own adventures, to the oldest, so proud to watch them grow.

"This is a happy book, people!…First Times is a wonderful family book about growing up and being proud of every achievement. I highly recommend it."
– Read, Learn, and Be Happy blog
"Whether helping with shopping, making dinner, taking care of a new dog, or reading independently, these sibs are proud to exclaim their growth with each new feat…The basic concepts will easily be recognizable by both those who have already achieved and those aspiring to attain each new skill or experience…Notable for the diversity of its characters."
– Kirkus Reviews
"First Times is a pleasant book that will appeal to both parents and younger readers. Recommended."
– CM Magazine
"Overall, the book is a great conversation starter for families looking to celebrate new endeavors. An ideal selection for children navigating the new experiences of burgeoning independence."
– School Library Journal
"There's something joyous about First Times…something light and festive and fun…A charming and joyous look at that time in everyone's life when absolutely everything is new. The book is aimed at people four to eight, but this is certainly one that the family can read and enjoy together."
– January Magazine
"Both Charles Ghigna and Lori Joy Smith have produced exceptional work. Ghigna's poetry lends itself perfectly to being read aloud…Smith's bright illustrations have a vintage and timeless feel, while also being colourful and dynamic. These elements combine to create a book that families will love to read together and that should become a classic in years to come."
– Resource Links
"First Times is joyful book by well-known author Charles Ghinga that captures and celebrates both the mundane and the monumental moments in a child's life. The delightful, sherbet-hued illustrations by Lori Joy Smith feature three children ranging in age from infant to school-aged…The concepts in this book are very relatable for young children, and the illustrations are engaging. However, it is the simple, unheralded representation of diversity that elevates this book into a highly recommended choice for a toddler's bookshelf."
– Atlantic Books Today
“Simple rhymes celebrate the fun...Cheery watercolor, gouache, and pencil illustrations of proud toddlers should help little ones look forward to learning as they grow.”
– The Horn Book Online
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