Explore the Rocky Shore with Sam and Crystal

  • Pages:64
  • Publisher:Heritage House Publishing
  • Themes:west coast, Pacific Northwest, seashore, coast, coastline, rocky shore, tides, tidal pools, sea otter, star fish, crabs, octopus, snails, fish, heron, mollusc, mussel, anemone, clam, snail, kelp
  • Pub Date:07/26/2018
  • Age Groups:Fiction Ages 9-12
$18.95 USD
Siblings Crystal and Sam and their aunt Kate and uncle Charlie continue to explore the ecosystems of Eagle Cove, a sheltered inlet on the Pacific Northwest coast. In this adventure, the children stick close to home on the rocky shore and discover that you don't need to go far out to sea to encounter some remarkable creatures! With the help of their neighbor Ada, Sam and Crystal explore the tide pools and shoreline through the eyes of an ancient fish, who draws a connection between the physical and mythical worlds. Beautifully illustrated with colorful and scientifically accurate drawings and paintings, Explore the Rocky Shore with Sam and Crystal is both an entertaining story and a useful learning tool.