Everyone is Welcome

  • Illustrated By: Christine Wei
  • Pages:24
  • Publisher:Second Story Press
  • Themes:anti-Asian racism, Stop Asian Hate, Asian community pride, Asian markets, safe walking program
  • Available:09/12/2023
  • Lexile:760L
  • Fountas & Pinnell Text Level Gradient:P

A little girl hears that her grandma’s friend, Mrs. Lee, was pushed on her way to the Asian market. Then she learns that Asian students at her brother’s school are afraid to walk to class, and she realizes something very wrong is happening to her community. How can life be so unfair? With her mom’s support and the help of her friends, the little girl sets out to do something kind for Mrs. Lee.
Everyone is Welcome is a book to begin a conversation about the reality of anti-Asian hate. It is also a celebration of Asian families and culture - particularly the wonderful spaces of North America's Asian markets.

“An absolutely timely and necessary book. The beautiful and bright illustrations by Christine Wei soften the hard truth of the story—anti-Asian racism has existed for many generations in this country and only seems to have become more insidious and pervasive than before. Phuong Truong writes an impactful story that stirred up painful personal experiences I had as a child, as well as the outrage I’ve felt as an adult. Everyone is Welcome reminds us that it is only when we see each other with true compassion that we can build communities that are safe and inclusive for everybody.”

– Angela Ahn

"For lessons in empathy, especially when needed to combat anti-Asian hate, Everyone is Welcome brings us to a place of both reality and promise. Hate has always been around, often just changing targets, but awareness and grace are universal, and they have and will overcome the worst when everyone is made to feel welcome."

– CanLit for Little Canadians

“Against this debilitating climate that Asian communities face, Everyone is Welcome provides a timely response and offers young children a way to understand and engage with these issues in a relatable manner. Written by Phuong Truong and illustrated by Christine Wei, the book advocates a positive vision of community life, one that is accepting of everyone, regardless of their background... Highly recommended.”

– CM: Canadian Review of Materials

"An important book around how anti-Asian hate impacts a community. In the story, readers witness discriminatory incidents but also see how the community comes together to take actions to ensure the safety and belonging of all. A timeless book that reinforces the importance of remembering each other’s shared humanity and living compassionately."

– Toronto Star

"This brightly illustrated story brings to light racism towards people with Asian backgrounds. It provides readers the opportunity to open discussions on how this affects families, and how we can appreciate and accept all cultures in our neighbourhoods."

– The Calgary Herald
Bookstagang Picture Book Awards: Best of Illustration   | 2023  |  Winner