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Fiction Ages 6-8
Pages: 160
Themes: unusual pets, loneliness, family dynamics, hybrid graphic novel, illustrated novel
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 11/May/2021
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One hot summer’s day nine-year-old Sarah goes to the grocery store…and comes home with an elephant. Sarah's new elephant is not without its challenges, he has trouble fitting through doorways, knocks over everything in sight, is allergic to the neighbor’s cat and cowers at the sight of a mouse. But he also has a knack for arranging flowers and keeping Sarah company. And it’s because of the elephant that Sarah meets her new next-door neighbor and makes her first real friend. It's because of the elephant that Sarah's mother starts spending more time with her. In fact, despite the destruction, just about everything good that happens is because of the elephant. It turns out that every home, and every nine-year-old girl, does need an elephant. A story about friendship, adventure, and never being afraid to be yourself, this hybrid graphic novel is the perfect introduction to chapter books for all the young animal-lovers in your life.

Kirkus Reviews
“Outrageous fun with thoughtful insights into family dynamics.”
CM: Canadian Review of Materials
“A quirky lighthearted story about an unusual pet, but it also reveals the complexities of loving relationships between friends, families and even animals! Highly Recommended.”
School Library Journal
“A tale to be enjoyed for its fun, fantasy, humor, and, especially, its gentle black-and-white art with splashes of color...The perfect pick for early readers, visual learners, and all who possess an imagination.”
Sal's Fiction Addiction
“This is an emotional story that has humor, an unusual premise, and careful observation of family dynamics. It moves quickly, and its inviting illustrations add to the appeal for middle graders who enjoy a touch of fantasy.”


BC Books for BC Schools  | 2021 | Commended

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Download the Every Home Needs an Elephant Activity Booklet. Includes coloring pages, flower crown, jokes, word search and more!