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Fiction Ages 6-8
Pages: 64
Themes: robots, scavenger hunts, bullies
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 01/Sep/2010
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Googol and Googolplex are on a mission to learn about Earth by collecting a number of items including a blackbird’s song, snowballs and a chocolate bar. Pippa and Troy are happy to help, especially when they get to ride to the North Pole in a spaceship. But when they return, Martin, the bully next-door, sees something that he shouldn't.

Down the Chimney with Googol and Googoplex is the first of three books in the Googol and Googolplex series.
Book two is Under the Sea with Googol and Googolplex. Book three is Over the Rainbow with Googol and Googolplex.

Canadian Literature - October 1, 2005
"A light-hearted science fiction story that also provides some valuable lessons about intercultural friendship."
The Bookmark - September 1, 2004
"A very entertaining book that would appeal to students."
Hi Rise - June 1, 2004
"Marvellous fun!" "Be sure to get this book!"
CM Magazine - April 8, 2004
"This is amusing, lighthearted science fiction, hard to find for young readers...The fast-paced plot is child-centered with ample dialogue for reader involvement with the characters."


CCBC Our Choice  | 2005 | Commended


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