Birding for Kids

An interactive full-color field guide that teaches kids the fun, safe and educational way to observe birds in their natural habitat.

In Too Deep

Three trouble-prone friends become pawns in a criminal cover-up after they discover an old bronze statue in a local pond.

Creatures of the Sea

A board book featuring a colorful selection of fish, marine mammals and supernatural creatures from the Pacific Northwest.

Whale Child

This picture book tells the story of a young girl lost at sea who finds her way home when her spirit unites with that of a newborn baby whale.

Forest of Secrets

When Cat Peters and friends are held hostage in a spooky abandoned cabin, magic could be their only chance to escape.

Carnival of Secrets

When a sinister carnival creeps into town, Cat Peters and the Grim Hill gang have a hard time fighting the spell.

The Forgotten Secret

As Valentine's Day approaches, a sinister fairy curse wreaks havoc on the social life of thirteen-year-old Cat Peters.

The Family Secret

Cat Peters and friends travel to Sweden on a student exchange and discover that Grim Hill isn't the only place on earth where magic prevails.

The Silver Lining

Six British boarding-school children and their eccentric uncle brave cowboy country and discover an abandoned silver mine.

Spirit of the Wild

A one-of-a kind colouring book for wildlife lovers, featuring twenty-five iconic animals, original artwork and poetry.

Panama Pursuit

Three friends with a knack for getting caught up in historical mysteries try to prove their friend innocent of stealing ancient artifacts.

The Secret of Grim Hill

A creepy private school shrouded in mystery and mythology piques the interest of a curious student and her precocious kid sister.