Toshia Myers

Toshia Myers, PhD is the Director of the TrueNorth Health Foundation. Dr. Myers’ scientific curiosity was first piqued by the intricacies of cellular biology as an undergraduate at The Ohio State University. After which, she completed a Doctorate of Philosophy in Biological Sciences at Columbia University, specializing in molecular genetics and developmental biology. She then completed postdoctoral fellowships at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the University of Copenhagen Biotechnology Research and Innovation Center, where she focused on immunology and epigenetics. While in graduate school, she was struck by the profound implications of natural hygiene and the ability of these basic principles to improve and maintain her own health, which led her to combine her passion for research and natural health. At the TrueNorth Health Foundation, she oversees clinical research into the effects of prolonged water-only fasting on human health.

Books by Toshia Myers

Twenty-five thousand patients who underwent water-only fasting at TrueNorth Health Center experienced results that were nothing short of miraculous. Alan Goldhamer, DC, and Toshia Myers, PhD, reveal why this treatment is so successful.