Astrid Arijanto

Astrid Arijanto is a designer and illustrator who spent her childhood drawing on any surface she could get her hands on: from papers to walls to all the white fences around her parents’ house. Since then, her work has appeared in various media and publications across Canada and Asia. She lives in Toronto and spends most of her days designing and illustrating beautiful books. In her free time she enjoys travelling with her partner, exploring the great outdoors, and chasing after their wild and rambunctious puppy, Spanky.

Books by Astrid Arijanto

When one of Putuguq's pranks on his sister Kublu does not go as planned, the siblings find themselves on the land with their grandfather, learning a bit about Inuit history.
$5.95 CAD
$7.95 CAD

Putuguq and Kublu's grandparents tell them the story of the amautalik and the orphan, a traditional story about a little orphan who outsmarts a child-stealing ogress, and Putuguq’s imagination runs wild . . .

$9.95 CAD
On their way to the shoreline, Putuguq and Kublu’s grandfather warn them to beware when playing on the shore, because you never know if a qalupalik, a mythical creature that snatches children, is lying in wait under the ice…
$6.95 CAD
$8.95 CAD