Gitz Crazyboy

Gitz Crazyboy (he/him/his) is a Siksikaitsitapi (Blackfoot) and Dene father and youth facilitator from Mohkínsstsisi (Calgary). Gitz's passion and purpose is helping, guiding, and most importantly, learning from the next generation, and he has held many positions within the youth education profession.

As an activist, Gitz is known for his leadership and participation in establishing the Bear Clan Patrol in Calgary, as well as organizing with the Idle No More movement. He has spent most of his life learning and living with different Indigenous Nations around the world. His travels have taken him to Germany, Ecuador, Guyana, Puerto Rico, and sacred spaces all over North America.

Currently Gitz resides in Calgary and is actively reconnecting with his Siksikaitsitapi roots. He believes the truth of who we are can be found in the beautiful things our ancestors carried—riddles, mysteries, ceremonies, songs, medicine, love, life, and laughter.

Books by Gitz Crazyboy

Ryan Fox dreams of becoming a doctor. But when university takes him away from the support of his family and Siksikaitsitapi community, his grades start to slip, his bills pile up, and getting into med school feels impossible. And now his beloved uncle is in jail. Can Ryan regain his footing to walk the path he saw so clearly as a young boy?