Rachel Dunstan Muller

Rachel Dunstan Muller has spent most of her life on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. She is the mother of five and the author of three other novels for children. For more information, visit www.racheldunstanmuller.com.

Books by Rachel Dunstan Muller

On a caving trip with his older brother, Byron discovers a new cave but has to make some life-or-death decisions when his brother is seriously injured.
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Sam is way too clumsy to perform in his family's circus acts, but he discovers that he has other important talents.
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On a visit to Ireland, twin sisters are lured into the "Otherworld," where a dangerous enchantment threatens to separate them.
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Chloe must confront her own fears when she investigates the strange history of her great-grandfather, a magician who disappeared at the height of his popularity.
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