Richelle North Star Scott

Knowledge Keeper and writer Richelle North Star Scott (Giiwedinong Anong), says Aniin! I am of Anishinaabe and Métis descent, and my ancestors are from St. Peter’s Reserve. I am a mother of three beautiful daughters: Amanda, Tehya, and Riel. I am a KooKoo (grandmother) of a fabulous grandson named Darius, but I call him Noozhis (which means grandchild). I am an Indigenous team leader for the St. James- Assiniboia School Division. I am a Mide woman, pipe carrier, water carrier, and Sun Dancer. I have completed my mystery* in land-based education. (*I don’t use “master” as it is a gender-binary word.)

Books by Richelle North Star Scott

Teaching can be a highly satisfying profession, but it can also be overwhelming. Through stories by diverse educators, this professional resource invites you to try different wellness strategies, explore varying perspectives, and consider new ideas of what it means to “be well.”