Mélanie Perreault

Mélanie Perreault has published around twenty books for children. Her book Rosalie entre chien et chat was nominated for six literary awards including a Governor General’s Literary Award. Conveying the joy of reading has always been at the heart of her pursuits. In 2000, before even finishing her bachelor’s degree in literature, she landed her first job in the publishing world. In 2004 she became the Editorial Director at Les Éditions Pierre Tisseyre: truly a stroke of luck! She adores the enormous freedom and rich exchanges that this job gives her. Constantly on the lookout for children’s literary production in Québec and elsewhere, this bookworm has a keen eye for the aesthetics of children’s books and their unmatched evocative power. When not writing, you can find Mélanie reading too much, searching through the library, or traveling all over Québec with her family and her partner. Wherever she goes and whatever she does, books follow her.

Books by Mélanie Perreault

Nominated for a Governor General’s Award, this picture book features a young girl learning to navigate the dynamics of her parents’ divorce by focusing on their love for her.