Commotion in the Ocean

  • Foreword by: Captain Paul Watson
  • Pages:24
  • Publisher:Book Publishing Company
  • Themes:dolphin, sea creatures, fish, bully, monster
  • Available:05/30/2023

A story in poetic verse with whimsical illustrations of friendly sea characters captivates young kids as they learn about the problem of overfishing our ocean. With the word spreading from coral reefs to across the ocean, a meeting is called to hatch a plan of defense against fishing trawlers (aka “the monsters”). Brightly colored crabs and lobsters, sea snails, polka-dotted fish, and whales and dolphins rally together and appeal—with a hug and a kiss—to humans to hear their plea and make the right choices when they shop. A sweet Sea Shepherd shanty informs youngsters about crews sailing the seas to protect whales, dolphins, and fish in need. It invites us all to join these kind individuals and help keep our oceans clean and full of fish. A foreword by Captain Paul Watson (founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society) reminds adults of the importance of the ocean’s ecosystems in supporting life on Earth.