Charlie's Balloons

  • Translated by: Arielle Aaronson
    Illustrated By: Élodie Duhameau
  • Pages:32
  • Publisher:Second Story Press
  • Themes:highly sensitive child, social-emotional learning, neurodiverse, anxiety, mental health
  • Available:02/13/2024

Hi! I’m Charlie. In my mind and in my body, all my emotions fight to take up as much space as they can. I like to picture my feelings as balloons. Sometimes they’re so light they float away. Other times, they’re so heavy it’s like they’re filled with water… For highly sensitive kids and the parents, teachers, and families who love them. Charlie's experience is relatable to all children who feel big emotions, from joy to fear and everything in between. Their story shows that not only is it fine to be highly sensitive, it is in fact a great strength.