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Fiction Ages 9-12
Pages: 136
Themes: foster care, butterflies, family
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 01/May/2011
Lexile Level: 670L
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Every time Chance turns around, he gets in trouble. In school, he can't sit still. Reading is hard and math is harder, but anything to do with science fascinates him. When his class starts raising butterflies from caterpillars, Chance is hooked. School is suddenly fun again, but when he decides to take his caterpillar home, he learns that loving something often means letting it go.

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"Young readers will relate to the classroom dynamics and schoolyard scenes. The information about the butterfly life cycle and development adds another layer to the story. Though Chance is a tough kid, he is likable and readers will want him to succeed. There is an opportunity to gain an understanding for children in foster care...Recommended for school and public libraries for independent reading."
Tucson Unified School District
"This would be a wonderful read-aloud for the elementary school classroom. The author has created a story that invites discussion."


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