Blue to the Sky

  • Pages:200
  • Publisher:Cormorant Books
  • Themes:allergic reaction, CN Tower climb, poetry, poet laureate, rhyming
  • Available:04/13/2024

After six years of homeschooling following her last anaphylactic reaction, Ella returns to school in sixth grade with a fear of another allergic reaction, a fear of losing Mom just as she lost Omi, and a fear of public speaking, which stops her from presenting her poems and sharing her passion.

When her best friend, Uzma, convinces Ella to sign up for the CN Tower climb to raise money for charity, Ella is sure that performing her poem at the top of the tower will cure her of stage fright. Training to climb 1,776 steps is no small task, but even against impossible odds, Ella must find the courage to face, navigate, and conquer her fears.