Blue to the Sky

  • Pages:232
  • Publisher:Cormorant Books
  • Themes:allergic reaction, CN Tower climb, poetry, poet laureate, rhyming
  • Available:04/13/2024

The journey to conquering your fears starts with 1,776 steps.

Starting sixth grade after years of homeschooling, Ella is tired of being known as Allergic-to-Everything Girl. She just wants to eat pizza without breaking into hives, convince her mom to adopt a Whoodle dog, and get over her stage fright so she can perform her poem to her class.

When her best friend signs up for a CN Tower climb for charity, Ella knows she has to join. If she can climb to the top and summon the courage to recite her poem over the city, she’s convinced she’ll finally be cured of her fears.

“Sylvia McNicoll’s heart-warming novel Blue to the Sky is an empathetic look into the strength and courage it takes for children with multiple life-threatening allergies to wake up and face the challenge of every-day living. Young readers will admire Ella, the brave, intelligent and quirky protagonist, and her diverse group of friends, all who face their own vulnerabilities but still help lift Ella up during her most difficult moments. Blue to the Sky is an important and entertaining book that will encourage readers to be more understanding of children who risk their lives just walking out their front doors, and in awe of the family members and friends who support them. As Ella shows us, it’s important to be both considerate and inclusive, thereby ensuring everyone has the opportunity to live their best life.”
– Christina Kilbourne, award-winning author of 40 Days in Hicksville

“I've been waiting SUCH a long time for a book like this! As a mom of a child with a milk allergy, I've been so disappointed in the lack of food allergy representation in middle-grade books. This book does an excellent job of looking at the wide range of emotions that a child with allergies might feel and educates readers while also entertaining them. I HIGHLY recommend adding this book to middle-grade collections.”

“A sensitive portrayal of living with multiple allergies and of growing into oneself.”
– Kirkus Reviews

“Sylvia’s writing made it seamless to fall into Ella’s world and gain a better understanding of how these allergies can limit a person’s ability to easily exist in a world built for able bodies. We really don’t have a lot of quality reads that feature disability in the children’s lit space and it is wonderful to now have another story for readers to feel seen and heard.”

– Storytime with Stephanie

Blue to the Sky is a fabulous book that fills a niche of families and children living with severe allergies. It gives readers a glimpse of living life with severe allergies. As McNicoll mentions in the ‘Acknowledgments,’ the book is a work of love. She has watched her own children and grandchildren navigate the world of living with allergies, and she shares this beautiful story with readers.”

– Canadian Review of Materials