Blue Water Hues

  • Pages:160
  • Publisher:Orca Book Publishers
  • Themes:Tropical setting, female sleuth, murder mystery, Caribbean Islands, paramedic main character
  • Pub Date:08/28/2018
  • Age Groups:Adult Fiction
  • Lexile:HL460L
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Paramedic Ashley Grant is settling into her new life in the Caribbean, although sometimes she still feels like a fish out of water. The ambulance is called to a fire at a prestigious resort, and Ashley recognizes the victim as a hotel chef and the cousin of her friend Darlene. When a second death occurs, the police are quick to close the case. But Darlene isn't satisfied, and she drags the unwitting Ashley into the investigation. Does this idyllic beach resort have a dark side?

Blue Water Hues is the second book in the Ashley Grant Mystery series.
"An entertaining read and is perfect for any mystery fan looking for something quick and easy."
– CM Magazine
Arthur Ellis Award—Best Crime Novella   | 2019  |  Short-listed