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Fiction Ages 6-8
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Themes: camping, dogs, Sasquatch, mystery, haunted cabin, lakes, woods, vacation, family
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 01/May/2015
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In this sequel to Bagels Come Home, Josh, his younger sister, Becky, their parents and Bagels head off on a three-day trip to Sasquatch Lake. But the vacation gets off to a rocky start. The cabin is a bit more “rustic” than advertised, with a few too many holes in the roof. Then Josh starts catching glimpses of a hairy figure in the woods nearby. When household items begin disappearing, from pickles to pj’s to Becky’s birthday cake, the family heads out to investigate, with Bagels in the lead. Who’s behind the mysterious happenings at Sasquatch Lake? And could Sasquatches be real?


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