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Fiction Ages 6-8
Pages: 32
Publisher: Inhabit Media
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When Akilak must travel a great distance to another camp to gather food, she thinks she will never be able to make it. With a little help from her grandmother's spirit, and her own imagination to keep her entertained, Akilak manages to turn a long journey into an adventure.

Even though she at first feels that she will never be able to reach her destination, she keeps her grandmother's assurance that her "destination is not running away; it will be reached eventually" in mind and ends up enjoying the journey that at first seemed so daunting.

CM Magazine
“. . . Akilak’s Adventure is a worthy addition to school and public library collections.”
School Library Journal
“An engaging and recommended read-aloud for all collections.”
CanLit for Little Canadians
“Akilak’s Adventure has timeless teachings about responsibility and the importance of imagination to make it a worthwhile read now and always.”