A punta de Cuchillo

  • Pages:136
  • Publisher:Orca Book Publishers
  • Themes:hi/lo, high/low, reluctant readers, struggling readers, action, adventure, captive, horseback riding, killer, murderer, mystery, strong female protagonist, survival, suspense, thriller
  • Pub Date:05/01/2011
  • Age Groups:Spanish Ages 12+
  • Fry Level:3.0
  • Lexile:600L
  • ATOS:3.5
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Jill tiene un trabajo de verano brutal en un rancho en las montañas, guiando a vaqueros aficionados en paseos a caballo por el campo. Durante una excursión con un guapo desconocido, Jill se encuentra de pronto en una lucha de vida o muerte, sin nadie que pueda ayudarla.

Jill took a job which sounded perfect for the summer, guiding tourists on trail rides in the beautiful mountains. She didn't realize that the money was terrible, the hours long and the coworkers insufferable. After a blow-up with her boss, she takes a single man into the mountains for a ride, only to finds that he is a dangerous killer. When Jill fights back and manages to escape, she is in a desperate race to survive and make it to safety.