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Fiction Picture Book
Pages: 32
Themes: Independence, children, knowledge, power, strength
Publisher: Theytus Books
Pub Date: 01/Nov/2006
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Zoe and her father are delighted to come across a fawn in the forest. But the fawn is alone—where is its mother? Join Zoe on her quest for the deer, as she encounters animals and learns their Okanagan (syilx) names along the way.

Kirkus Reviews

"Jameson has crafted a quiet tale of father-daughter togetherness using simple vocabulary, a good use of repetition, and a gentle storytelling tone. Flett's earth-toned illustrations neatly complement the author's style of writing…A lovely father-daughter idyll."

Gregory Bryan, University of Manitoba
“When Zoe and her father venture outside to feed the horses, they discover a fawn curled up under an aspen tree. Zoe and her dad proceed to see if they are able to locate the fawn's mother. In the process, their search brings them across a woodpecker, a trout and a rabbit. 'That is not the fawn's mother,' Zoe says, continuing her search. Highly Recommended.”