Yamozha and His Beaver Wife / Yamǫǫzha Ey|ts’ǫ Wets’èkeè Tsa

  • Illustrated By: Archie Beaulieu
    Translated by: Mary Siemens
    As told by: Vital Thomas
  • Pages:48
  • Publisher:Theytus Books
  • Themes:Dogrib, folklore, beaver, oral tradition, indigenous
  • Pub Date:09/01/2007
  • Age Groups:Fiction Picture Book
$25.95 USD
A powerful medicine man, Yamozha is prominent in many Dene stories. In this vividly illustrated legend, Yamozha forgets a promise to his wife and she transforms into a giant beaver. Determined to turn her back into a woman, he sets off in search of her, but his efforts are in vain because she does not wish to be caught. According to the legend, Yamozha's passionate pursuit forever changed the landscape and created many of the striking natural features of the Tli cho region.

Written in English and Dogrib.