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Fiction Picture Book
Pages: 36
Publisher: Inhabit Media
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Nalvana feels like all of her friends have some type of superpower. She has friends with super speed (who always beat her in races), friends with super strength (who can dangle from the monkey bars for hours), and friends who are better than her at a million other things. Nalvana thinks she must be the only kid in town without a superpower. But then her mom shows Nalvana that she is unique and special, and that her superpower was right in front of her all along.

Quill and Quire
“. . . [W]ell-written, [and] heart-warming . . .”
CanLit for Little Canadians
“. . . Nalvana’s superpower is not one of the athletic or other overt skills that are normally so admired in our current society . . ., Aviaq Johnston has made her story one of inclusivity, not exclusivity.”
Midwest Book Review
“. . . [A] fine story of self-inspection.”
Kirkus Reviews
“Nalvana is a bundle of creativity, spunk, and determination—readers will be happy to know her.”
School Library Journal
“. . . [A] book kids will clamor to read, even as they learn terms like ‘anaana’, ‘inuksuk’, and ‘panik’. That’s its superpower.”
The Book Wars
“. . . [A] very sweet story that encourages children to rethink how they evaluate success . . .”
Fab Book Reviews
“Overall, what a lovely, heart-warming picture book! Nalvana’s story is one of sharing kindness, holding onto one’s own kernels of hopefulness and determination, and the excitement in finding your own happy and cool discovery along the way.”