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Exploring Watershed Connections
Nonfiction Ages 9-12
Pages: 48
Themes: climate change, ecological footprint, ecology, water-land connections, STEM
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 14/Sep/2021
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Do you know your watershed address? We all have one, whether we live high up in a mountain, on an inland prairie or near the coast. A watershed is an area of land that channels rain and snowmelt into streams, rivers and oceans. Our lives are deeply intertwined with land and water and all the connections between them. Day-to-day activities—like brushing our teeth, eating a meal, getting a ride in a car or even using an electronic device—have consequence for our own or someone else's watershed.

Over the centuries we've changed the land by farming it, cutting down the trees on it, digging into it and building on it. We've also learned how to control water—where it goes and how much flows. Upstream, Downstream explores the consequences of the pressures people place on watersheds and highlights some of the heroes making a difference for watersheds around world.

CM: Canadian Review of Materials
“The combination of Rae’s interests and expertise has produced a book that will inform and engage young readers and encourage them to make a difference by getting involved. Highly Recommended.”


A Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection  | 2021 | Commended