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Fiction Picture Book
Pages: 32
Themes: overconsumption, consumerism, excess, need vs. want, bike repairs
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 23/Jun/2020
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Bob’s tricycle is broken and he needs a wrench to fix it.

He ventures out to buy one at the Megamart, where slick salesman, Mr. Mart, convinces Bob that it’s not a wrench he needs, but a fridge hat…singing pajamas…a screaming machine! Bob spends all his money on things that he really doesn’t need and before he knows it has no money and no wrench.

Lively illustrations and quirky hand-lettering make The Wrench a delight to read while also conveying an important message about consumerism and excess.

CM: Canadian Review of Materials
“Parents and teachers hoping to teach their children to be less acquisitive now have another tool in their belt (a new one, yes, but a good one). Recommended.”
Kirkus Reviews
“Colorful and comical.”
Publishers Weekly
“Lighthearted…Hip [and] colorful.”
Quill & Quire
“Although Bob gets bonked on the noggin, Gravel does not do so to her young readers. The gentle anticonsumerism message is embedded in an entertaining story…An excellent primer on the value of time and money before the allowance years hit.”
Must Read Literature
“[Will] bring lots of laughs to readers.”
Sal's Fiction Addiction
“Gravel uses humor and a fun story to bring up an important lesson for parents and their kids.”


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