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Using decoding, vocabulary, and comprehension strategies to inspire fluent, passionate, lifelong readers
Adult Nonfiction
Pages: 160
Themes: professional development, teaching practice, literacy, reading, books, children's literature
Publisher: Pembroke Publishers
Pub Date: 24/Aug/2021
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When students say that reading is boring, difficult or overwhelming, or they cannot find a good book, it is almost impossible to sell them on the idea that reading is fun and worthwhile. Sometimes Reading is Hard shows teachers how to develop the skills students need to be successful and how to cultivate passionate, lifelong readers. Classroom vignettes, promising practices and step-by-step activities illustrate how teachers can weave teaching the skills of reading, decoding, vocabulary, comprehension and fluency with real reasons to read. When students want to read and they enjoy it, their reading skills improve. With the right motivation, any student can become an enthusiastic reader.