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Fiction Picture Book
Pages: 0
Themes: imagination, learning difficulties, escaping daily challenges, classroom aide, synesthesia
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 06/Feb/2018
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No matter how hard he tries, even with the help of his classroom aide, Ian Goobie can't do the things that the other children in his class can do. Every day he dreads going to school. Then he finds a rock, a rock that fits perfectly in his pocket, a rock that touches all his senses and whisks him away into a whole other world. From then on, as long as he has a rock in his pocket, Ian Goobie can manage his daily challenges. That is, until he stuffs so many rocks in his pockets that his pants fall down right outside in the schoolyard, in front of all his classmates. This might be the biggest challenge Ian Goobie has had to face yet.

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