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Fiction Picture Book
Pages: 32
Themes: Superheroes, teaching, writing
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 01/May/2005
Lexile Level: 440
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Michael Maxwell McCallum lives in a world just like ours, but peopled by superheroes. When Michael's hero, Perfect Man, quits his job without warning, Michael isn't worried. He knows that Perfect Man will come back. He always does. So that September, when a new teacher shows up in his classroom, a teacher with a number of special powers, Michael figures it out right away. Mr. Clark is Perfect Man. Mr. Clark doesn't say yes and he doesn't say no to Michael's endless questions, but he does encourage Michael to find his own super powers.

New Brunswick Reader
"A warm, outstanding story that salutes teachers everywhere."
Resource Links
"Dean Griffiths' pen and ink illustrations are brimming with humourous details." "This is a wonderful tribute to teachers and their superhero talents."
The Standard
"A roaringly funny tale with a valuable message about male role modelling." "The lightheartedness of Perfect Man, and the strength of the message (read, write, live and believe in yourself), are gifts. Perfect Man is a book to read to every child and to share with men who have influenced their lives or yours."
Vancouver Sun
"Writer Troy Wilson and illustrator Dean Griffiths say a lot, in a few pages, about fiction and reality, hopes, dreams and human potential."
Quill & Quire
"This is a wonderfully uplifting story for young and old." "The heartwarming relationship between teacher and student will resonate with everyone who has ever had a special teacher be a life-long influence."
United Church Observer
"A magical, funny book about finding heroes."
Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market
"Writing is definitely Wilson's super power."
Young Adult Books Central
"Kids and parents will enjoy this comic-book-style story that encourages kids to believe in themselves and discover their own super powers." "Great for comic book fans,...and readers and writers of all ages."
Today's Parent
"This delightful story challenges readers to expand their definition of hero."
"Victoria author Troy Alan Maxwell Wilson and illustrator Dean Griffiths of Duncan, B.C. pepper an inspirational story with sly humour."
Children in Crisis
"A terrific book not only for comic-book lovers and children interested in writing, but for any child who may need help boosting his or her self-esteem."
Calgary Herald
"Wilson's first book is an entertaining and thought-provoking read for children. His premise that everyone can develop their own superpowers is a wonderful message for young readers."
BC Parent
"A wonderful story about finding your own voice and those special people who make a difference in our lives." "Griffiths 'super' illustrations are warm and fun."
Comic World News
"Dean Griffiths' whimsically gorgeous illustrations are - pardon the pun - perfect." "There are a lot of reasons for me to recommend that you get yourself a copy or five of Perfect Man. . . You're gonna need one for yourself, but you'll want extras for gifts."
Monday Magazine
"A funny, charming and simply inspired children's book." "Great for parents who are comic book fans and for kids on the lookout for a new hero, Perfect Man is nearly perfect." "Hurrah for Perfect Man!"


Blue Spruce nominee  | 2005 | Commended
CCBC Our Choice starred selection  | 2005 | Commended
Chocolate Lily nominee  | 2006 | Short-listed
Florida Reading Association's Children's Book Award nominee  | 2006 | Short-listed
Resource Links "The Year's Best"  | 2004 | Commended

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