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A Riley Donovan mystery
Fiction Ages 12+
Pages: 240
Themes: female detective, murder, domestic violence, competition, music
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 24/Oct/2017
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When Alicia, a talented violinist at Riley Donovan's high school, is found bludgeoned to death in a field on the outskirts of town, suspicion immediately falls on Carrie, the teen's musical rival. But Riley isn't convinced of Carrie's guilt, and even though her police-officer aunt tells her to stay out of it, Riley goes searching for the truth. Did Carrie really kill Alicia in a fit of jealous rage, or is there another explanation for Alicia's death?

Kirkus Reviews
"The swift pace and Riley's straightforward narration make this accessible, and low but not absent levels of gore and violence keep pages turning. A solid whodunit."
CM Magazine
"Out of Tune is another very well-paced novel in the 'Riley Donovan Mystery' series, and Riley is a thoroughly likeable, engaging young protagonist…the plot quickly takes off and doesn't let up. Out of Tune is highly recommended for young teen readers who enjoy strong female characters and well-written mysteries."
School Library Journal
"The straightforward language, evenly plotted mystery, well-placed red herrings, and suspenseful situations makes this a solid choice for teens reading at a variety of levels…A solid mystery."
"[McClintock] struck gold again with this latest mystery in the Riley Donovan series. The plot is complex and tightly woven, the reveal is both surprising and satisfying, the violence is prominent but tastefully presented, and Riley continues to be a strong and relatable protagonist with good moral fiber."
Resource Links
"As in all good mysteries, it's the human stories with their emotional, needy backgrounds that create death and revenge. In this terrific mystery, the reader enjoys not only snappy up-to-date dialogue but also Riley's thoughtful inner talk that demonstrates both her deep insight and her relationship with her adoptive aunt—perfectly on the money for the mid-teen character…McClintock cleverly portrays teens from fourteen through eighteen, introducing themes of spousal abuse, musical giftedness, and the dangers of exhausting police work. Middle school readers will devour this exciting, complex mystery."
Canadian Children's Booknews
"McClintock creates the perfect end to the Riley Donovan Mystery series…Filled with teen drama and rumours, the novel becomes more than a straightforward whodunit…An enthralling read for all. "


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