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Standing Tall for the Great Bear Rainforest
Nonfiction Ages 9-12
Pages: 136
Themes: Great Bear Rainforest, activism, salmon, ecosystems, stewardship
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 01/Oct/2011
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You don't have to live in the Great Bear Rainforest to benefit from its existence, but after you read Nowhere Else on Earth you might want to visit this magnificent part of the planet. Environmental activist Caitlyn Vernon guides young readers through a forest of information, sharing her personal stories, her knowledge and her concern for this beautiful place. Full of breathtaking photographs and suggestions for ways to preserve this unique ecosystem, Nowhere Else on Earth is a timely and inspiring reminder that we need to stand up for our wild places before they are gone.

Visit http://www.greatbearrainforest.ca to find teacher and student resources, view the online photo gallery, or read a sample chapter from the book. To access the free teacher's guide for Nowhere Else on Earth, click here:http://orcabook.com/nowhereelseonearth/guides/teachersguide.pdf.

Kirkus Reviews
"A passionate plea to cut back, reuse and become involved in collective action."
Quill & Quire
"Jam-packed with history, biology, geography, ecology, environmental studies, personal anecdotes, gorgeous pictures, and activities, the book looks like, and indeed could be, a superior textbook. With a personable approach, Vernon guides readers through the rainforest, exploring the ecosystems in detail...This comprehensive collection is cohesive, accessible, and easy to read. Chapters contain small sections with sidebars and commentary boxes that are informative, engaging, and most importantly, serve not only to educate, but also to invite readers to become involved in environmental initiatives...Well deserving of a place in the classroom as well as the home, this book is a realistic, reassuring, and empowering call to action for future generations."
Resource Links
"Through facts, storytelling, and pictures, this comprehensive book carefully details the complex issues of conservation and preservation. Vernon's gentle, knowledgeable voice calls the reader to action without causing alarm or assigning blame to the perils facing one of the world's most rare and pristine environments, the Great Bear Rainforest...Vernon covers all aspects, including historical and scientific in her well-researched analysis of this unique forest ecosystem."
CM Magazine
"The author's passion for her topic is clearly evident in the depth of research and detail presented here...Readers who finish Nowhere Else on Earth will be well informed and motivated to discuss and perhaps plan future actions of their own... A valuable book for the times, giving insight into past, present and possible futures for the Earth. Highly Recommended."
"While the author comes down firmly on the side of conservation, she presents a balanced and sensitive view of what has driven, and what still drives, people to not conserve...The short chapters, lavishly illustrated with photographs, are divided into easy-to-read segments. This is a very readable and accessible book that will appeal to all ages...This is an inspiring book that anyone interested in conserving our planet should read. Vernon's motivating vision for the future reinforces just how connected we all are-not just to this rainforest but to everywhere on Earth."
January Magazine, Best Books of 2011
"Filled with facts, the voices of other children, great photographs and thoughts on action and ecology, Nowhere Else on Earth is a 21st century look at the beauties of the region as well as the dangers it faces from a world gone mad...The first small thing might be making certain this book gets into the hands of the children who will manifest that change."
EcoParent Magazine
"Sigh. If only textbooks were this cool, I think our offspring might all mobilize faster than we can say 'veggie oil school buses'...Nowhere Else on Earth is not just non-fiction; it's amazing and humble coffee table or bed-time reading for child and adult alike. Caitlyn Vernon has written a beautiful book full of great photos, bright illustrations, and textual insights into the ecological dream world that is the Great Bear Rainforest...Not only is it a fantastic journey into the interconnectedness of the British Columbian landscape (that of Turtle island), but it is in fact, fact: straight up, legitimate scientific, historical and cultural information, presented and explained without judgment and/or minimizing the impact or potential. Like the tree on the cover, this book should grow to be massive, and if permitted to do so, would inspire and provide for generations."
Island Parent
"[An] outstanding title...Vernon is smart, strong-willed, and a passionate optimist who firmly believes in the power of an individual, no matter their age, to make a profound change...[An] intelligent, engaging science book."
BC Studies
"A unique and valuable contribution to juvenile literature...It will also be welcomed by advocacy organizations, government agencies, and academic institutions...Vernon has portrayed [the Great Bear Rainforest's] majesty, beauty and significance...[and] provide[s] a clear understanding of the connections between the choices people make and the environment upon which they depend for life."


Green Earth Book Honor Award selection  | 2012 | Commended
BC Book Prize - Sheila A. Egoff Children’s Literature Prize nominee  | 2012 | Short-listed
Children's Literature Roundtables of Canada's Information Book Award nominee  | 2012 | Long-listed
CCBC Best Books starred selection  | 2012 | Commended
Lane Anderson Award  | 2011 | Winner
Bolen Books Children’s Book Prize  | 2012 | Winner
Rocky Mountain Book Award nominee  | 2012 | Short-listed