Mink Returns to Tkaronto

  • Pages:296
  • Publisher:Cormorant Books
  • Themes:settler impact, reincarnation, cycle of life, Tkaronto, Toronto
  • Pub Date:08/15/2023

Little Mink has listened to his ancestors tell stories in the sky world about deep forests and bubbling rivers in the physical world he never got to experience. Their stories made him yearn for ones of his own. He returns to the physical world, starting in Tkaronto.

When he arrives, everything is unfamiliar. This Tkaronto is not like the one his ancestors described. A concrete jungle has taken over and the landscape of Little Mink’s forefathers has disappeared. He is determined to see the lands of his father, so he heads to the west coast by way of the train and the guidance of an older mink he’d met in the city.

Lee Maracle’s Mink Returns to Tkaronto is an exploration of how Canada’s physical geography and ecosystems have been manipulated over the past century.