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Inuit Lives
Adult Nonfiction
Pages: 200
Themes: Iqaluit, Nunavut, Inuit, Indigenous, aboriginal, arctic
Publisher: Inhabit Media
Pub Date: 13/Dec/2013
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Arctic historian Kenn Harper gathers the best of his columns about Inuit history, which appear weekly in Nunatsiaq News, in this exciting new series of books.

Each installment of In Those Days: Collected Columns on Arctic History will cover a particularly fascinating aspect of traditional Inuit life. In volume one, Inuit Biographies, Harper shares the unique challenges and life histories of several Inuit living in pre-contact times.

The result of extensive interviews, research, and travel across the Arctic, these amazing short life histories provide readers with a detailed understanding of their specific time and place.

The Arctic Book Review
“. . . [I]t’s the author’s frankness, compassion, and intimate knowledge of Inuit life that makes every single one of these stories resonate.”
“All the profiles of Inuit in this collection are interesting and the illustrations Harper has collected are first-rate.”