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Fiction Ages 12+
Pages: 128
Themes: bullying, crime, ethics
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 01/Sep/2003
Lexile Level: HL560L
Fry Reading Level: 3.8
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This is Mickey's first year at Grandview High. After transferring, all he wants to do is keep his head down, work hard and fit in with the upscale crowd. He is approached, because of his tough reputation, to join a group of students to take back the school from the bullies. Mickey finds himself caught up in a shadowy world of violence and retribution. When their planned payback goes horribly wrong, Mickey is forced to acknowledge the thin line between victim and victimizer.

CM Magazine
"Heneghan writes in an eminently readable style without shirking from the real issues that teens are facing in schools today…Tightly written and instantly engaging. Highly recommended."
Canadian Book Review Annual
"Heneghan's Hit Squad is an excellent example of the hi-lo genre. Despite the genre's length constraints, Heneghan has created an engaging and believable plot populated by a cast of characters who are more fully developed than most in hi-lo books...Highly recommended."
BC Bookworld
"Heneghan confronts increasingly serious situations for his young readers...yet his writing, catching both the cynicism and resilience of adolescence, along with trademark drama from the opening sentence onward, keeps his stories accessible and compelling."
"This story will hit home for teens who deal with bullying on a daily basis."
Publishers Weekly
"Heneghan poses serious questions about bullying and violence among young people."


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