Nava Atlas

Nava Atlas’s first book was Vegetariana, originally published in 1984 and most recently updated in 2021. She has written many vegetarian and vegan cookbooks, including American Harvest, Plant-Powered Protein, 5-Ingredient Vegan, Wild About Greens, and Vegan Holiday Kitchen.

Nava also creates trade and limited-edition visual books on women’s issues, notably, Literary Ladies’ Guide to the Writing Life and Secret Recipes for the Modern Wife. Visit her websites, The Vegan Atlas ( and Literary Ladies Guide ( She lives in the Hudson Valley region of New York State.

Books by Nava Atlas

This ultimate edition of a beloved classic includes 20 new recipes and dozens of gorgeous full-color photos. A good bowl of soup is soothing and comforting. With less liquid and more chunkiness of texture, the result is stew—a savory and satisfying one-pot meal. Celebrating seasonal produce, Nava ladles out more than 120 delectable recipes.