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Orca is proud to publish and distribute a diverse range of titles by acclaimed Indigenous authors and illustrators. This collection of 20 books aimed at elementary school students includes dual-language books, beautiful artwork and photographs, and stories meant to be shared.

This collection includes the following titles (listed in order of suggested audience from youngest to oldest).

Kiss by Kiss / Ocêtôwina (English & Plains Cree)
I See Me
I Am Proud of Me
Little You / Kîya-K'apisîsis&3238;yân Plains (English & You Plains Cree)
May We Have Enough to Share
My Heart Fills With Happiness / sâkaskinêw nitêh miywêyihtamowin ohci (English & Plains Cree)
We Sang You Home / Ka Kîweh Nikâmôstamâtinân (English & Plains Cree)
Welcome Song for Baby / Ni Nikamon 'Tawâw Nipepîmis' (English & Plains Cree)
You Hold Me Up / Ki Kîhcêyimin Mâna (English & Plains Cree)
Sus Yoo / The Bear's Medicine (English & Dakelh)
Blueberry Patch / Meennunyakaa (English & Anishinaabemowin)
Zoe and the Fawn
The Girl and the Wolf
Secret of the Dance
The Littlest Sled Dog
Soapstone Signs
Soapstone Porcupine
Belle of Batoche
Neekna and Chemai
Powwow: A Celebration Through Song and Dance