Why do I need a Digital Class Set + License?

If you have a group of students or a class that will be reading an Orca title, we are pleased to make this title accessible to you in two digital formats (PDF and EPUB) and include a digital class set license that allows you to share an ebook with an entire class.

  • An individual ebook is intended for a single user and allows the reader to download their ebook file to three devices.
  • A Digital Class Set + License is perfect for educators who would like to share an ebook with an entire class simultaneously. These ebooks may be shared with students and their families by email or via a password-protected webpage or classroom portal such as Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams.
  • A Digital Class Set + License also includes a Read Aloud license for that title. See more information on Read Aloud licenses.
  • A Digital Class Set + License includes both EPUB and PDF formats so students can access the ebook on whatever computer or digital device they have.

With the purchase of a Digital Class Set + License, you will receive a zip file that includes both PDF and EPUB ebooks formats, as well as a license that explains how you may use and share your files. Each license is valid for three years from date of purchase.

If you do not see a Digital Class Set + License listed for the title that you are interested in, please call 1-800-210-5277 or email orca@orcabook.com and we will happily create one for you.