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Andrea Beck

Celebrated for her work as author/illustrator of the popular book series and TV show, Elliot Moose, Beck was delighted to launch Pierre Le Poof!. Andrea is known for creating earnest characters that inhabit a world of warmth and friendship, appealing to children and parents alike. Her irrepressible Pierre was inspired by the glimpse of an overly coiffed poodle at a dog show. Beck melded that mutt with the characteristics of her beagle Toby -- the family darling and master escape artist -- and Pierre Le Poof was born.

Beck draws upon her childhood memories to create stories that speak deeply to children. Her first characters were rooted in her years as a toymaker and in a childhood in which toys seemed truly alive.

Beck studied at OCAD, York University and the University of Toronto and began her career as a toy designer. Her award-winning designs were featured in Canadian media and sold from coast to coast. Later, reading to her children, Beck was inspired by picturebooks and she began to write.

Beck lives in Unionville, ON, with her two sons, her beagle Tillie and about 30 goldfish in the backyard pond


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