Orca Book Publishers

Heather Sander

Born on a snowy evening in Saskatchewan, Dec. 4, 1947, Heather abandoned the cold weather as soon as she became an adult, moving first to Jamaica in 1969, with Canadian University Service Overseas and two years later to Lotus Land, otherwise known as Victoria, British Columbia. Along the way she acquired a husband, two kids and a dog. Heather entertained her own children by writing stories for them and continued to learn more about children by becoming an elementary school counsellor in the Victoria School District where she continues her research to this day when little children come to her office.

Heather has published three books with Orca Publishers: Robbie Packford: Alien Monster, ,em>Make Mine With Everything and Whatever Happened to My Dog, Cuddles? Naturally, Cuddles conjures up Heather's boys' beloved pet, Boomer.

Heather continues her love affair with children's literature, especially fantasy. These days she is also concerned about global warning and the destructive influence of advertizing upon childhood.

Heather is happy to do school presentations and finds how kids think endlessly fascinating.